Fort Lauderdale Beaches

Enjoy a family beach vacation on
some of the best Florida beaches

Fort Lauderdale beaches border the entire eastern edge of the county. There are miles and miles of beautiful, warm sand and the Atlantic Ocean whose changing colors range from a clear, crisp blue to a deep green.

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Fort Lauderdale has some of the best Florida beaches in the state. It is what it's famous for.

We feel so very lucky to live in place surrounded by water. From almost any location in Fort Lauderdale, or in South Florida in general, the beach is never more than a 20-minute drive away.

So many top-notch beaches, and we live so close to them all!

Fort Lauderdale beaches are clean and well maintained. Five of them have been awarded Blue Wave distinction by the Clean Beaches Council.

Many Fort Lauderdale beaches have picnic tables, showers and access to clean public toilets (very important if you're traveling with children).

If you're thinking of going on a family beach vacation, you've come to the right place. And if you're a local, you know that you can take a beach break whenever you want.

Some of the beaches even had colorful playgrounds for the kids to jump and climb on. There are restaurants and shops right next to some Fort Lauderdale beaches, while others offered a quiet retreat away from the city.

The list below gives you all the Fort Lauderdale beaches with public access (and one without or that I couldn't find). Click on each link and it'll take you to that beach's page with more information and photos.

Enjoy them all!

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Deerfield Beach and Pier thumbnail photo

Deerfield Beach
Run barefoot on the sand, play beach volleyball with friends or brave the waves by the fishing pier.

Hillsboro Beach
Drive down A1A and pass by the large mansions in the small and very exclusive town of Hillsboro. No public beach access, or not one that can be found easily anyway, but it is a treat to dreamily look at all the luxurious homes that line the road.

North Ocean Park
Cross over to the Pompano Beach side, there is a small beach park designated for people using wind-driven instruments. On some days you can watch kitesurfers and a few surfers. Walk along the beach and get a close view of the Hillsboro Lighthouse just across the inlet.

Pompano Beach
A popular family beach for many locals and vacationers alike. There are homes and high rises right on the beach, but the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. Shops and restaurants are located on Atlantic Boulevard, away from the beach.

Located on the A1A and Commercial Boulevard, hidden behind a small center of shops and restaurants. This is a simple and relaxing beach. You'll find the Anglin's Fishing Pier here, open 24 hours a day.

Fort Lauderdale Beach
THE Fort Lauderdale Beach. This is where all the action is, where Spring Break was born in the 50's. While other beaches are hidden behind houses and buildings on the east side of A1A, this is the only beach in the Fort Lauderdale area where you can have a clear and spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean while driving on A1A.

John U. Lloyd Beach
A first love as far as beaches were concerned in the Fort Lauderdale area. The beach inside the state park will always bring back memories of all the great weekend mornings spent here.

Dania Beach
Dania is the First City in Broward County. The city has a small town feel to it and so does the beach. Simple and laid back, this is a great beach for relaxing. The Dania fishing pier is always busy at all times of the day and night.

Hollywood Beach
This is a great beach for families. Very casual with lots of family-friendly restaurants by the ocean. The renovated Broadwalk right next to the ocean is wide enough to accommodate pedestrians and people on pedal-powered wheels.

Hallandale Beach
The southernmost beach in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. out the colorful water tower signaling the city’s borders. This back to basics beach offers simplicity and fun for families.

Fort Lauderdale
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Below are quick links to a few of the more popular beaches.

Paddle boarding on Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Hollywood Beach