Cool Summer Fun At Fort
Lauderdale Area Water Parks

Local water parks open in the weekends starting
in the spring, then every day in the summer.
Cool off at a reasonable price.

Here’s a refreshing and fun thing do for kids this summer, go to one of the Fort Lauderdale area water parks!

Okay, so the Fort Lauderdale area water parks are small compared to the gigantic water theme parks you’ll find in Orlando or elsewhere. Hair-raising rides that blast you through thousands of gallons of water or slides that make your head go round and round and your stomach queasy…

…you won’t find that here.

Paradise Cove local waterpark in

Paradise Cove inside CB Smith Park, Pembroke Pines

But sometimes these huge parks are too overwhelming and scary for some kids, especially the smallest and youngest ones, or too expensive for the family budget.

The small neighborhood water parks, or water playgrounds as they are sometimes called, you’ll find in the Fort Lauderdale area may be just the right level of fun and excitement for the children, and they are all very easy on the wallet.

The Fort Lauderdale area water parks are open every day during the summer months. One of these water parks is also open in the weekends in the spring and fall seasons.

Many of the water park visitors are locals, with school out plus summer being considered the low tourist season in Southeast Florida.

These water parks do get very busy, however, especially in the weekends, with people cooling themselves from Florida’s hot and humid days.

All Fort Lauderdale area water parks have professional lifeguards constantly watching and making sure that everyone is safe and following water park rules, which is very reassuring.

But even so, make sure you use common sense. None of these water parks are very deep but do keep a vigilant eye on the kids to always make sure they are safe while having some water fun.

The water parks are part of the Broward County Parks and Recreation system and are located inside county parks. Entrance to the county parks is free from Monday to Friday but on the weekends and on holidays there is a per person entrance fee. For now it’s $1.50 per person, free for children 5 and under.

There is another entrance fee to get into the water park. The rate varies from $4.50 per person to $8.50 depending on which one you go to and many run on 1hour and 50 minute sessions.

Go to one of the Fort Lauderdale area water parks in the summer and have fun splashing, sliding and enjoying some down time with the kids before they head off to school again!

  • Splash Adventure at Quiet Waters Park – Deerfield Beach
    This water park is perfect for young children. They would probably consider this as water heaven! Open every day July-August and weekends in September and October.
  • Tropical Splash at Central Broward Regional Park – Lauderhill
    Open every day July-August and weekends in September and October.
  • Paradise Cove at CB Smith Park – Pembroke Pines
    This is our favorite water park and it also happens to be the largest one in the Fort Lauderdale area. Open during the weekends March-April (every day during Spring Break).

    In the month of May it's open almost every day. From June-August it's open every day, back to weekends again in September-October before it closes down for the rest of the year.
  • Castaway Island at TY Park – Hollywood
    This is a nice neighborhood water park located in the Topeekeegee Yugnee (TY) Park that’s full of old trees. In our opinion, the best part is the Lagoon just a stone’s throw away from water play park area with the slides.

    It also has a very cute, less noisy water play area sized just right for younger children. Open every day July-August and weekends in September and October.
  • Safari Isle at Markham Park – Davie
    Pool only. Open the last week in May and then every day in June, July and the first two weeks of August. It tapers to the weekends after that until the first week in September before closing again until next year.
  • A Schlitterbahn Water Park - Coming Soon?
    Considered one of the best water park developers in the United States, the family-owned, Texas-based company is planning to build a mega-sized water park where the Lockhart Stadium is located, next to the Fort Lauderdale Executive airport, west of I-95 between Commercial Boulevard and Cypress Creek Road.

    If built, this would become the best place in South Florida for water fun outside the ocean. News of this broke in June 2010 but no there is no information yet of when work will start. Stay tuned.

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