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Hello and welcome! We hope that you enjoy your time visiting our website.

Here's a little info about us. The Fort Lauderdale Family Fun website is created by a local family who has lived in South Florida for over a decade.

We want you to know that this is a great place to travel!

As a parent, one of the best things I can think of is spending time with my twin girls. I love going out with them and discovering lots of new and interesting things. I love to travel and the idea of traveling with kids in tow.

We have friends and family from the U.S. and from other countries visit us regularly. Every time we get to play the part of happy hosts and tour guides around town.

With this website, we have become your virtual tour guides for your family. After becoming tourists ourselves right here in our own backyard, we'd like to share with you what the area has to offer for family fun.

Here’s what we’ve discovered: Fort Lauderdale and South Florida are not only famous for its beaches, canals, mega-yachts and luxury living (we wish we have that life!), it’s also a wonderful place to make many sun-filled memories with your family.

It's miles away from the mega theme parks, dizzying rides and overwhelming water parks (which are often crowded and can become very expensive).

But at the same time, all of these these crowd pleasers are close enough so that if you're really itching to go, then they're all just a few hours away by car or plane.

Maybe Fort Lauderdale and South Florida could be a side trip to your theme-park vacation that will give you an opportunity to discover another side to the Sunshine State.

I think that one of the best things a family can do together is to go on vacation. Forget about work and school for a week or two or even a month if you can manage it. Leave behind all the stress that life brings us and slow down, relax, talk, laugh and play with the people who matter the most.

If you are looking for family vacation ideas in Fort Lauderdale or in South Florida in general, have a look around our website. We offer you lots of information and we’re always adding more.

Life is short! Have fun with your kids!

We hope to see you here!
Fort Lauderdale Family Fun

Picture of us at the Renaissance Festival

Me and the girls with a Renaissance Festival friend.

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