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Ask any visitor what their top favorite things to do are in any destination anywhere and shopping will most likely make it somewhere on their list. It's a universal pastime, and Ft Lauderdale shopping is a popular sport.

Most Ft Lauderdale shopping is centered on the traditional shopping mall and big box stores that many people are familiar with.

But there are other shopping venues that are unique to the area that include a huge outlet mall, a popular boulevard, flea markets and specialty shopping.

Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall is perhaps the most popular place to shop in the area with a huge quantity of discounted items such as clothes, shoes, house wares, electronics and lots more from many top fashion brands.

But Sawgrass Mall can be too big and overwhelming for some people. So for those who want something a little less crowded, there are lots of traditional shopping malls that offer the latest merchandise. They can still get pretty crowded in the weekends and holidays, but they’re smaller and more manageable.

Other shopping venues include specialty boutiques next to the casino or racetrack that cater to their patrons but may be worth at least a visit if that piques your interest (you never know what you might find).

Ft Lauderdale shopping also offers the famed Las Olas Boulevard with one-of-a-kind and elegant boutiques, cafes and restaurants and night spots.

On the other end of the spectrum are the flea markets and a few second-hand or charity shops for the most frugal among us, and who couldn’t use a bargain these days?

No matter what your budget is, there’s a shopping venue that’ll be just right for your and have what you are looking for right now.

Also listed here are the main grocery stores that can be found pretty much everywhere in South Florida, plus farmers markets that lately are becoming more and more popular with people being more conscious about the food they eat and the environment plus wanting a more outside market type of experience.

Food shopping can be fun if you go where the locals go. You’ll find all of the general grocery items but also brands and food products that perhaps you aren’t so familiar with and that you might even consider as exotic. It could turn out to be a learning experience.

Browse below for a list of shopping possibilities in the Fort Lauderdale area, make your lists and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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