Take A Fashionable Stroll
On Las Olas Boulevard

Unlike the large indoor malls that are now so common, Las Olas Boulevard gives you the pleasure of shopping, dining, walking, people watching and interacting just like in the days before shopping complexes sprouted all over the place.

It’s the kind of experience you might enjoy in an older city but instead of a heavy historical atmosphere the pace is relaxed and very stylish at the same time.

Las Olas Boulevard

You can go in and out of charming shops and sophisticated galleries or just look at the window displays from the outside. There are boutiques that specialize in women or men’s clothing, there’s even a shop that sells high-end clothing to children.

Las Olas Boulevard is also very popular for its restaurants and bars. Spas and beauty salons can also be found here.

Las Olas Boulevard Highlights

The main part of Las Olas Boulevard starts from Andrews Avenue, where the Museum of Art sits on the corner right across from Riverwalk and the Huizenga Park (some people know it as Bubier Park) with the music fountain that lights up at night. The busiest section of the street, with most of the shops, restaurants and galleries, is located roughly between Financial Plaza and 16th Street.

The historical Stranahan House can be found not too far away. Turn south towards the New River on 6th Street and Las Olas Boulevard, where the Cheesecake Factory is right on the corner. The house is about a block away. You can’t really miss it because you’ll come up to the river and won’t be able to go any further.

Las Olas means “the waves” in Spanish. A fitting name since it’s a stone’s throw from the New River, part of the boulevard crosses Fort Lauderdale’s famous canals and it ends at the Atlantic Ocean. If you travel east on Las Olas Boulevard, you will eventually arrive at Fort Lauderdale Beach.
On the way towards the ocean, there is a section of the boulevard where you can see part of Fort Lauderdale’s canals system lined with luxurious homes and the yachts on the dock out front. What a life!

A lot of people take a leisurely stroll up to where the canals are. Be careful because there’s no parking on either side of the road in this section of Las Olas Boulevard. So you may have to park where all the businesses and shops are and walk to where the canals can be seen.

The more ambitious ones take a power walk or run all the way to the beach. That stretch of Las Olas Boulevard from Andrews to A1A is almost three miles. If you’re a walker or runner, this scenic route can be a real treat. Make sure you’re well hydrated and wear comfortable shoes!

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