Food Truck Invasion

Finally, something to look forward to on a Monday night…

The Food Truck Invasion was held on August 15, 2011 and will hopefully start a Monday-night tradition that will get us all through the rest of the week.

Twenty food trucks serving snack-sized meals gathered inside the Arts Park at Young Circle in the city of Hollywood, Florida, and the crowd – hungry for dinner and new culinary experiences – lined up to get their share.

Here in South Florida, food trucks have been more established in Miami, but finally they’re beginning to make their way to the Fort Lauderdale area. Events like these have been held in several other locations but it seems that the city of Hollywood is going to try to make this an ongoing and permanent event. What this means is that you all have to come. They won’t be able to keep doing this if people don’t show up…

There were business people still in their suits and ties straight from the office, moms pushing their kids in strollers, young couples walking their well-behaved dogs on leashes.

Most of the food choices were reasonably priced at around $10.00 or less. But keep in mind that the portions are smaller than a regular restaurant meal, so be prepared to spend a little more for second helpings and perhaps dessert.

Click here to see which food trucks came.

Most of the food trucks accept major credit cards but it’s also a good idea to bring some cash. Some have a minimum amount required if you want to pay by credit card ($10, for example), but there was at least one food truck that took cash only payments (their credit card system could have been down that night, for all I know). Receipts can be sent to you by phone or email.

What is it about the Food Truck Invasion that makes it so appealing? It’s good food in surprising combinations and ultra casual dining. It’s the answer to hyper standardized and faceless fast food joints. More often than not they are small businesses full of spunk and personality. The fact that it gets us out of the house and picnicking under the trees together as a community is an added plus.

Then there’s also the thrill of the impulse buy – just like that ice cream truck that goes around the neighborhood during summer, you just never know where or when you’ll see it again. So better get it now while you can, and you’ll have lots of interesting food stories to tell family and friends.

Food choices will most probably change from time to time, but no matter what the food truck choices are, here’s hoping that this event is here to stay. Bring your family and friends, bring a big blanket and chairs if you want but most especially, bring your appetite!

Want to know which food trucks were there? Click here to find out!

Food Truck Invasion
Every Monday night
5:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Arts Park at Young Circle
Hollywood, Florida
Metered parking is available in the historic Hollywood section at walking distance from the Young Circle.

For more information on food trucks in the South Florida area, visit

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