Young at Art Museum
and Public Library

The new museum is one of Fort Lauderdale's top
attractions for kids to create and imagine with delight

The bigger and better Young at Art Museum in Davie, Florida debuted the first weekend in May in 2012 and one of my first thoughts was “I wish we had something big like this years ago when my kids were very young.” Secretly, I told myself that I wish something like this existed decades ago when I was very young.

As we walked through the cheerful museum halls, I wished I could shrink and de-age my young teenagers to small-sized kids on demand (just once in a while, on the weekends) so that I can spend long hours playing and crafting with them, releasing that inner doodler in this spacious, luminous, colorful, beautiful museum.

The new location of this renowned children’s art museum is now rightfully in its own building (and no longer sandwiched in a nondescript suburban strip mall).

It shares its new home with an equally new branch of the Broward County Public library that specializes in books, activities and events for children but with the latest selections for teenagers and adults as well.

The building’s design is a great example of modern iconic architecture, and a work of art in itself. The first thing that will grab your attention is the pointed, asymmetrical roof.

Looking at it from a distance, the exterior shape might remind some people of an origami crane. Or maybe a fold of a paper airplane.

The building is also a model for any future construction with the thought and preparation involved in making it one of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings in the county.

Young at Art is probably best suited for 3 to 13 year-olds (children in primary school), however younger tots will be stimulated, teenagers will most likely become interested and parents will adore this place.

Although it all looks like play, the museum has a serious goal of educating children (and adults) about art and culture and making it a part of our everyday lives.

Its programs and exhibits act as a bridge that will hopefully make everyone more appreciative of the arts, the creative process and, of course, artists.

The museum is for ...

  • The quiet and contemplative and who likes to draw, doodle, paint, create
  • The loud and rambunctious who like to hit or shake various recycled objects with sticks and hands just to find out how loud they can get it to sound
  • Those who like to get into a lot of things (this place is perfect)
  • Those who like to climb - there is a fascinating installation for this
  • Those who like to dig in the sand (don’t worry mom, it won’t stain)
  • Those who like to take things apart and put it back together again or create something new
  • Those who like to make things from bits and bobbles, pieces of string or colorful paper
  • The teen who feels she’s really too cool for this kid’s stuff and want to dabble into something more mature – photography, recording, painting, art workshops, poetry (stop rolling your eyes) and yesssss – volunteering opportunities (get to work!) There’s a separate teen area, too.
  • For parents, there are plenty of opportunities to interact, play and create with your child. Even if the museum uses some of the most advanced technology available, the focus is on the creative process using the sense of touch, sight and sound.

There is at least one area (and most probably more) that flow from one to the other, creating opportunities for all types of creative play and learning for kids.

Here are the main areas you'll find in the museum where you'll find so much to do and discover in each one.


For the smallest cuties under 5 years old, there's a space just for them. With an Alice in Wonderland theme, there’s room for pretend tea, a loft for costumed role playing, puppet shows, a water play area and other activities to stimulate babies and toddlers. Only pre-schoolers and their parents can get in here.


This is a richly decorated area concentrating on artists and the artistic process. One of our personal favorites is “The Cave” cocooning us with multicolor lights, images and rhythmic sound.


Different countries always bring out different kinds of art and also teaches us something about their culture. This area reaches out to far flung places such as India, Japan and Haiti but also draws on the work from Florida’s own artists.


A fitting space for an environmentally friendly building. It’s no surprise that the museum also emphasizes on the importance of the environment, conservation and recycling. Here you’ll find the joyfully loud Stomp exhibit, which is based on the work of the popular percussion group of the same name.

Knight Gallery

This space will eventually show national and regional traveling art exhibits and will change periodically.

YAA Institute

This is the hands-on learning area where kids can take classes in painting, sculpting, digital art, photography and more. Classes for teens and adults are also available.

Teen Center

A place to call their own for teen museum members and teen volunteers offering workshops and other activities for this age group. It also has a recording studio where teens can create their own music.

Broward County Public Library

Entrance is free to the public library section and anyone with a Broward County library card will be able to check out books from here. Specializing in children’s books, story times and other child-focused activities.

The facility also has computers, iPads and e-readers to use in-house, extensive new books and DVD selection and one of the largest manga comic sections I’ve seen in a public library.

Also available is the museum store for one-of-a-kind toys, gifts, and learning games targeted for kids and the Toss Up Café with a cozy outside sitting area. Vending machines for quick sodas and snacks are also available.

Now, where is that zapper so that I can shrink my kids and visit again?

Young at Art Museum
751 SW 121st Avenue,
Davie, FL 33325
Telephone: 954-424-0085

Monday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

$13.00 Adults
$12.00 Children (1 years old and over)
$12.00 Seniors (62 years old and over)

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