Renaissance Festival Costumes

The Renaissance Festival costumes used by the professional performers and entertainers, as the name suggests, are period costumes mostly from 16th century Europe, but visitors sometimes happily cross timelines and add a little myth and fairytale into the mix.

Renaissance Festival Performers

Actors roam the Renaissance Festival grounds and interact with guests.

I think this is all part of the fun if it’s not too, too far from the basic theme. But sometimes being way far out (like the folks who dressed up as the Yip Yip aliens from Sesame Street and won the costume contest one year) can also bring much off-the-wall humor into the experience.

Renaissance Festival Costume Contest

Costume contest for fairies…pirates…samurai…and aliens?

It’s almost like a huge Halloween party all over again, but this time it’s in the spring and there are no ghouls or horror characters in sight.

Kids get to wear their fairy and prince costumes again …

Renaissance Festival Wee Little Fairies

… and adults also get their share of play and acting.

Renaissance Festival Scotsman

Join the fun!

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