RedCoach USA

Luxury Bus Travel in Florida

Red Coach USA is a private company owned by Grupo Plaza, a large Latin American transportation group based in Argentina.

Their concept of premium bus travel aims to attract travelers who want plenty of comfort and leg room, more services and who are willing to pay the higher price.

Navigating around their website’s reservations page almost felt like booking an airline ticket. For a small plane on wheels and that travels on roads, that is.

Their buses have only 27 business class seats that recline to 140 degrees. This gives plenty of space for your legs to stretch out.

They also offer free Wi-Fi in the bus (although the website does mention that this may not be available at all times) plus outlets for personal electronics such as laptops.

What reminded me of airplanes is that they show movies in the bus, and you can actually choose which seat you’re in. Choosing a seat is like making online plane reservations where it shows a seating layout and the spaces that are still available.

So far, RedCoach services cities in Florida, but who knows, they might travel to more cities in the future.

Cities it travels to in Florida:

Fort Lauderdale
West Palm Beach
Fort Pierce

Make sure to check bus schedules to see which itineraries suit you best for your travel plans. Tickets are more expensive than a Greyhound but the small luxuries and comfort may be worth it.

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