The Young at Art Museum's entrance greeting
will always bring a smile to everyone

You can’t miss it. As you enter the grounds of the Young at Art Museum, towering at the entrance are the giant metal words “I LOVE YOU” painted in multi-color pastel with matching flowers (also metal, also giant) on the circular grass lawn beneath it.

This permanent public art installation was inaugurated in early June 2012 in the blazing South Florida heat but everyone was all smiles in front of life’s most fundamental message and probably most important words.

Miami-based artists, Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt, created the outside space that they described as a “room” within nature. It can be used as an outside storytelling venue or a place to sit, draw or watch the clouds transform into whatever shape your mind lets you imagine.

Roberto Behar mentioned that when he and Rosario Marquardt were creating the installation, he thought of his own mother and the feeling of love that has carried him through.

The artists also wanted a universal message that everyone can relate to and that no matter what language we speak or from whatever country we’re from, that message can be instantly recognized.

Kids will love climbing or sitting on the giant table-like flowers and some will really get a kick out of standing in the middle of the letters.


Cool tip:
What a great photo opportunity! Get all of your family and loved ones to pose in front of the literally larger-than-life message that we all hope will be the basis of all your relationships. When your family is happy, it sends ripples of love and joy to the community and to the larger world.

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